I have an undying love for supper clubs, having started one of my own back in 2018. Nonnas Supper Club is a small project that involves my Nonna and I cooking for people in my home, to celebrate and share our food and recipes, with others. 

I've attended a bunch of other supper clubs and have been keen to meet other hosts, to hear about what it is they do and what makes their dining experience different. 

These hosts generously share recipes and bring people together around a table, effortlessly. They're passionate about what's in season and they want to source local produce. They care about what they do, who they do it for and are keen to help the environment and local businesses along the way. 

I want to celebrate these supper clubs and provide a place to bring these wonderful hosts together, for others to explore. So, head to our directory to discover supper clubs near you and our blog to discover the recipes they've shared. 

Georgina x