Seven-course meals, locally sourced produce and a supper club that raises money for Syria.

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£40pp (on average)
Various locations across London

Born out of the frustration of following a plant-based diet and not wanting quinoa or tofu, eco-chef George has created a delicious five course tasting menu that champions seasonal produce and zero waste. George demonstrates how 'waste', surplus or food by-products can be used to transform dishes. 

Passionate about reducing the disconnect between the food we eat and where it's grown, 95% of produce is from small-scale British farmers and co-ops (most of whom from within London), the remaining 5% being organic Sicilian citrus and Fairtrade spices.

Natural, bio-dynamic wines are available to purchase, along with zero-waste beers and fruit juices.

Click through to George's Instagram page for more information on upcoming events. 

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Victoria first decided to set up Having a Larb because she wanted to showcase a different side to Thai dining; a side that that goes beyond the curries and chicken satay we tend to see when choosing from an a la carte menu.

By day, Victoria works in Fashion and was born into a half-Thai, half-English family. The Thai food Victoria grew up with was all about the simple rituals of eating and sharing in relaxed and communal settings. One dish she remembers in particular is called Larb, which is a minced meat marinated in spicy, citrusy flavours that can be eaten hot or cold - you usually put the larb into a lettuce leaf, wrap it up and dip it into sauce.

To help set the scene, Victoria has turned her North London living room into one of the roadside restaurants she remembers from her youth. Think vinyl gingham tablecloths, pastel-coloured plates and communal tables with small plastic stools. While you’re tucking into your food, feast your ears upon the authentic sounds of Bangkok streets, from bicycle bells to rickety Tuk Tuk motors and street vendors selling delicious food.

For more information and details on how to book, click here

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Various Locations across London

Known for recreating Jamaican classics and making them Vegan, twins Kareema and Kaleema serve mouth-watering Caribbean flavours daily at Croydon Surry St Market.

Alongside this, Livity have created a more intimate setting at their supper club, where you’ll not only get to enjoy dishes such as stewed peas, curried jackfruit and jerk mushroom but you’ll get to listen to live music while you’re at it.

Take a seat and enjoy welcome drinks and snacks (the famous punch and Livity’s homemade mini patties), followed by your starter and main course. Take some time to relax during the live music and then move on to dessert. And once you’ve finished all that? You’ll have some time to meet the chefs.

Find out more about the supper club and where to find this magical duo for a spot of midweek lunch here.

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Price dependent on event

Loughborough Junction 

The Local Squeeze are an ethical, vegan catering company based in London, cooking wholesome, seasonal food.

Every Wednesday, Founders Becky and Katie, dish up vibrant vegan lunches at The Platform Café in Loughborough Junction, using ingredients grown on the nearby Loughborough Farm. On Thursday and Friday the café is opened and run by a group of volunteers and guest chefs from the local area.

Alongside their catering company, Becky and Katie run yoga retreats and host occasional supper clubs serving 3 courses of beautiful, wholesome vegan food in the quirky surroundings of the café. Not only do they use seasonal produce from the farm but they also use surplus foods to help end food waste.

Stay updated on all that they do and keep your eyes pealed for supper club updates here.

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£40pp (on average)
Various locations across London

Hosts George and Lara are creating a market for food that is deemed to have no value; whether for aesthetic reasons, because they are by-products of our current food system, or simply because they're wild and not found in supermarkets.

Samambaia gives precedence to produce that would otherwise be discarded. From waste, hosts Lara and George see opportunity. Hosting a variety of dining experiences, from sit down tasting menus, to sharing feasts, they believe that produce should be seasonal, wild when possible and should generate a positive impact always.

The evenings are always fun and relaxed and are held in different locations across London. Lara and George aim to partner with like-minded suppliers and wine and/or beer is available for purchase at events.

For further information, click here to check availability and book. 

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£30-50pp (on average)
Various locations across London and Bristol

The Syrian Supper Club is a celebration of Syrian food and a response to the conflict in Syria. The idea is simple - gather people together, introduce them to a delicious part of Syria’s rich culture and do something good: raise money for those in need. 

Since 2012, Syrian Supper Club has held over 100 Syrian Suppers and has raised over £300,000 which goes towards the aid projects, funded by the charity Hands Up Foundation, which has raised a total of over £4 million. With the contribution from Syrian Supper Club, over 100,000 Syrians have now been able to access health services, education and prosthetic limbs for amputees.

If you’d like to hold a Syrian Supper or other fundraising bonanza under the banner of the Syrian Supper Club, please get in touch with them direct. The team will be able to chat to you about what you might need and what they'll need from you.

In the meantime, check out their upcoming events and the resources they have should you want to host your own, with everything from sample menus to recipes and a full toolkit to get you going.